Managing Director's Message

Managing Director's Message

Salutation from Pride Education Services, as the dean of P.E.S, I welcome you to explore our top tier graduate and postgraduate courses. Founded in 1988, the college is devoted to committed towards providing a top tier education to every student. We have UGC/Ministry of HRD/AIU approved courses. We provide education courses that are student-oriented to bring out the potential of each student. We are the benchmark for students who want to reach their maximum heights and our recognized courses assure your excellence. We take it upon ourselves to empower students for success and become a harbinger of victory. It is my honor to serve as the managing director of P.E.S. I am actively involved in the field of education. I emphasize on educational alternatives. In my personal experience, I have perceived that people struggle to deal with complex circumstances where they have to balance their professional and personal life. People are stressed out due to intense pressure that is put on them through their demanding life. I have discerned that people kept running towards something they are not able to achieve; this is especially true for people who are balancing their professional and personal life. They want to achieve newer heights with further education but the course of action is monotonous and exhausting.

This sense of revelation inspired me to start regular and distance learning for students who are adults and especially women who are juggling family responsibilities and their need for top-tier education. Our P.E.S is for those people who are determined to get a top-tier education and fulfill their aspirations. P.E.S eliminates the burden of fear people have when they think of re-rolling into college for a career transition. We eliminate this fear to ensure a sustainable future for people who choose to return to college for top-tier education. We are devoted to creating a successful interactional platform of creative exchange between a student and P.E.S services. When you enroll in P.E.S, you become our responsibility. We focus on refining your skills, knowledge, learning power, critical thinking ability, and overall moral values. Your inspirational dream becomes our responsibility. We put in maximum hard work to fulfill your aspirations through our recognized academic courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The P.E.S culture will provide you the perfect opportunity to find your passion and calling and further enhance your career with top tier education. We are committed to creating the next generation of leaders by fulfilling the aspirations of every student at P.E.S.

Profile Overview:

Mohammad Hayat Hussain

Managing Director

He completed his Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Computer) from Osmania University. He has been a pioneer of professional tutoring programs and is involved in R.E.C Day Camp, Ski Club, and Enrichment courses that promote top tier education in the country and overall well being of a person.