Pride Overseas Education is singly-mindedly focused on helping students achieve success. We assist in preparing exams like IELTS, PTE, GRE, and so on. Industry certified professional trainers conduct the training. Their sole aim is to cater to the needs of the students with their services.

IELTS/PTE Training: IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test that is designed to evaluate the language proficiency of the candidates who either want to study or work in regions where English is used as a communication language.

It tests the complete range of English language, which is generally countered by students. America, Australian, Canada, British, and New Zealand academic institutions accept it. All candidates have to undertake the Listening and Speaking modules. If the applicant desires to undertake academic study, they are required to sit for the Academic Reading and Writing Modules. If the candidates desire to undertake non-academic training or apply for immigration to New Zealand or Australia, they are required to sit for the General Training Reading and Writing Modules.

PTE is the world-leading computer-based test of the English language, which is required for applicants who have an interest in studying aboard and for immigration purposes. The PTE academic classes assess real-life English skills that are needed by an applicant for their desired university admission or when they are living abroad.

Pride Overseas Education is deep-rooted in our ideology of assisting students to achieve success in the PTE/IELTS tests. Our industry-certified trainers cater to this need of students who are looking to get into top international universities through these tests. They design the curriculum and schedule in such a way that it caters to every student's strengths and weaknesses with an individualized study plan.